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TikTok tunes clearly pay the bills

Just when you thought Commitment Issues was going to be the biggest UK tune to hit TikTok this year, along came a few lines that have been repeated by everyone from H3H3 productions to Mia Khalifa it is, of course, ArrDee with Body 2. For those that arent familiar with the track from that description alone, youll likely know it from the slightly crude line: If I beat it I aint wearing a Jonny. Yeah, that one.

However, although ArrDees verse on Body has gone viral worldwide, not many people know the man behind the voice. So, heres everything we know about Brighton rapper ArrDee.

Just as Aitch is the performing name and first initial of rapper Harrison Armstrong, ArrDee is a phonetic spelling of the initials of Riley Davies real name.

Riley was born in December 1999, making him 21 years old.

On his track 6AM in Brighton we learn that ArrDee stands at 56 tall but thats not everything: Not rich but Im still with Millie, I think cos Im five foot six she gon be surprised at the sight of my big

Well let you guess the rest.

A couple of ArrDees music videos have been filmed in and around Brighton, and he says that he loves the city. In a recent episode of Shopping for Sneakers with Kick Game, he gives a nod to his hometown as a place of acceptance: Im not a judgmental person, we accept everyone from where Im from.

In the same sneaker shopping episode, ArrDee ends up shelling out 2,119.94 on shoes alone. Although the overall price may have been subsidised for appearing in the video in the first place, I think its fair to say that having a viral TikTok tune is paying pretty well.

Plus he gets a pair for his mate.

One of the comments simply reads: I heard laser treatment is pretty good to remove tattoos.

A prominent motif in ArrDees music is that he no longer smokes weed, but whilst quitting one vice he appears to have become a big fan of another cigarettes. Whether its rapping about getting brain whilst smoking or walking out of a police cell with a B&H Blue in his mouth, ArrDee loves a cheeky durry.

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Meet ArrDee: The Brighton rapper behind TikTok's biggest song right now - The Tab

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