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26-year-old Amber Luke from Brisbane, Australia is someone you may already be slightly familiar with, but just dont realize it. For you see, she has actually already been in the news when she had her eyeballs tattooed blue and was blinded for three weeks a couple of years back.

I cant even begin to describe to you what the feeling was like, the best thing I can give you is once the eyeball was penetrated with the ink, it felt like [the tattoo artist] grabbed 10 shards of glass and rubbed it in my eye, she told Barcroft Media back in 2019.

She also made the news earlier this month when the OnlyFans star was sentenced after pleading guilty to seven drug charges last year.

Amber Luke says getting the many tattoos has helped her deal with her mental health battles including depression and thoughts of suicide.

However, for one day for a recent episode of Trulys Transformed series, Amber Luke decided to find out what she would have looked like if she hadnt covered, as she estimates, 98 percent of her body in ink.

Its going to be super super exciting, considering I havent seen myself like this since I was very young, she says in the episode. My childhood trauma of being bullied and stuff, with no tattoos, its going to rock me a little bit.

After a makeup artist applied two layers of makeup to hide all of her tattoos, Amber Luke was not exactly thrilled with what she saw.

Oh my fing god. I dont even know how to react. Jesus Christ, I was so basic, says Amber. I hate it, because it feels like Im a teenager again, and its really wigging me out. I really dont like it at all.

That out of the way, the next step for Amber is to let her mom see what she would have looked like if she was tattoo-free.

Oh my God. She looks so different. I dont even know what to say, her mom Vicki says when she sees Amber. Wheres my daughter?

Its been a lovely experience, because you dont often get that chance to go back in time, and see what your daughter may have looked like at this age, says Vicki. It was shocking to me. I really liked the way she looked, but I love the way she looks now, in the present, with tattoos.

Watch the entire transformation and the emotional reveal below

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Amber Luke, Whose Body Is 98% Tattooed, Covers Them With Makeup - BroBible

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