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Arent you a bit nostalgic thanks to all the fashion and beauty trends from the yesteryears resurfacing on your social media feed this season? Gen Z has taken it upon themselves to bring back trends from the 90s while putting their own spin on them. From intricately braided hairstyles to grungy makeup and low rise jeans to tank tops, if you are a millennial, you already know these styles far too well.

As history does repeat itself though we didnt think it would do so so quickly, we are quite frankly loving the fact that us millennials now seem like fashion gurus who knew long ago what would be trending even decades later. That being said, there are a few iconic beauty items which we were absolutely obsessed with growing up and since it is a full on revival on 90s trends we are looking at, fashion and beauty aficionados this season might want to consider some more euphoric items.

Flavoured Lip Balms

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Flavoured lip balms were a 90s girls most beloved lip products aside from chocolatey brown lipstick, of course. We loved our lip smackers that came in yummy flavours and would like it if these OGs came back again maybe in more variants and new formulas. Wearing prominent lip liners was also a thing and it paired well with the whole grungy aesthetic.

Temporary Tattoos

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Temporary tattoos were another golden beauty trend that emerged in the decade and we could always choose to rock a different tat every now and then without having to commit to a permanent one. There are a few homegrown temporary tattoo brands and professional tattoo artists who are offering temp tattoos too these days and we love how this product has evolved over the years.

FoamHair Curlers

Image: InstagramRemember these foam stick hair curlers? These were pretty cool for when you wanted to achieve no-heat curls, especially since most of our parents wouldn't allow us to go in for heat styling. Foam hair curlers were safe to experiemnt with at slumber parties as they were super easy to use and it gave you good results. Newer versions of these foam curlers are avialble today which offer bigger cylindrical shapes to create larger waves. Scrunchies and hair barrettes are also currently in trend and we cant express how much we love these blast-from-the-past beauty trends.

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Iconic 90s Beauty Products That Are Being Revived in 2021 - Femina

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