Im a mum-of-three with my body & face COVERED in tattoos Ive even inked my lips… – The US Sun

THIS mum makes a living by inking other peoples bodies, but shes got some ink of her own and theyre everywhere.

Aleksandra Jasmin, a tattoo artist from Finland, is happy to be holding the tattoo gun or sitting in the chair herself.


She shows off her incredibly decorative body on social media, where she has amassed over 161,000 Instagram followers.

Recently, the mum-of-three dressed down to reveal the work shes had done over the years.

The bold designs are hard to miss.

And her fans love them.



In a recent picture on Instagram, Aleksandra racked up over 5,800 likes with fans marvelling at her ink.

Aleksandras fans leave an endless list of comments about her works of art.

In another revealing picture, Aleksandra fashioned her extremely svelte torso which is covered in intricate designs.

Fans went wild for it.



One person wrote: Walking piece of art.

Another commented: Beautiful canvas of skin and ink with the elegance of a woman through and through.

The photo amassed a massive 16,120 likes and hundreds of comments, praising Aleksandra for her incredible artwork.

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Im a mum-of-three with my body & face COVERED in tattoos Ive even inked my lips... - The US Sun

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