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This mum makes a living inking other peoples bodies, but shes got some serious ink of her own with one tattoo that covers her entire body.

Aleksandra Jasmin, a tattoo artist from Finland, became obsessed with tattoos as a child after watching her parents get inked one day.

As a result, shes gone on to have her entire body covered in tattoos, including her face and lips, admitting she has no regrets.

The 31-year-old shows off her highly decorated body on social media, where she has amassed over 161,000 Instagram followers.

Recently, the mum-of-three shared a topless selfie to flaunt her inkings, earning thousands of likes and comments.

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Fans went wild for it.

Walking piece of art, one wrote.

So beautiful, another said.

Such amazing body art, you truly are beautiful, someone else commented.

While one wrote: Beautiful canvas of skin and ink with the elegance of a woman through and through.

Aleksandra also likes to help inspire others with her body, sharing posts reminding followers they too are beautiful.

Woke up today with low self-esteem, took some pictures to prove me wrong, she captioned a recent selfie that showed off her thigh and torso art.

Hang in there all of you who struggle sometimes.

Last year, Aleksandra told YouTube channel Truly she had 99 per cent of her body covered in tattoos.

I basically have one tattoo all combined, everything is basically covered, she said.

I feel more like me when my skin colour is whatever I want it to be.

Despite being a dab hand at getting inked, the mother explained it hurts so much every time she has a new design etched on her skin so recently made the decision to get her last tattoo which meant her entire body was covered.

Im really, really addicted to doing this, she said, revealing shes spent over $45,000 having her body covered with ink, a process she began aged 19.

Aleksandra said the reaction to her unusual look is mostly positive, but there are people who dont know how to react and can behave inappropriately.

Her husband Roope also sports a lot of ink, with the pair describing themselves as a tattooed couple.

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Woman spends $45k to cover body in one tattoo - NEWS.com.au

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