A fan pays tribute to Nikola Jokic by getting a tattoo of his patent move the ‘Sombor Shuffle’ – Basketball Network

Nikola Jokic is slowly but surely becoming a superstar in the NBA, and rightfully so. The leading MVP candidate made his presence felt for the Denver Nuggets in the first round against the Blazers and will now play a crucial part if the Nuggets want to beat the Phoenix Suns. The Joker is quickly gaining a lot of popularity around the globe, even in countries where basketball isnt so popular.

A tattoo artist from the United Kingdom called Danny Pate is such a fan of Jokic, and his patent move, The Sombor Shuffle, he got it tattoed. The artwork contains three different motions of the iconic move from Jokic. Danny is a great fan of all teams from Denver, even though he is from Blackpool, United Kingdom.

Its great when you have the opportunity to combine two passions, just like Danny did combining basketball and creating tattoos.

Jokic will have a tough challenge against the Suns and their starting center DeAndre Ayton, who played exceptionally well so far in the playoffs. There is no question Jokic will come big when his teams need him the most, and we are definitely in a treat for a great series.

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A fan pays tribute to Nikola Jokic by getting a tattoo of his patent move the 'Sombor Shuffle' - Basketball Network

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