Capitol riot suspect arrested after giant tattoo revealed on video – The Independent

A suspect in the Capitol riot was arrested after investigators identified him using a giant tattoo on his stomach.

Investigators used police bodycam footage from the Capitol riot allegedly showing James Burton McGrew lifting his shirt to cover his face, revealing a tattoo across his belly that reads "King James" to identify him.

He was arrested on Sunday in Arizona on charges including entering restricted grounds without lawful authority, impeding government business, engaging in violence on restricted grounds and obstructing law enforcement.

Police affidavits claim that Mr McGrew aggressively confronted police during the attack on the Capitol.

"We're coming in here, whether you like it or not," he allegedly told one officer.

He reportedly implored another to "fight with us, not against us."

Photos shared by the FBI appear to show Mr McGrew throwing a punch at a police officer during the skirmish with law enforcement in the Capitol rotunda.

He was accused of striking police twice and of trying to steal an officer's baton.

A day after the riot, a tipster identified Mr McGrew to the FBI.

That individual said Mr McGrew had previously discussed traveling to Washington on 6 January to "protest" the "stolen vote."

Another person contacted the authorities after they saw Mr McGrew in photos of the insurrection.

More than 400 alleged Capitol rioters have been arrested since 6 January, with more likely as law enforcement continues its probe into the events.

While many of the alleged rioters face individual charges, the US Justice Department is building a conspiracy case against members of right-wing extremist groups like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys.

The arrests have dealt a heavy blow to extremist right-wing groups who allegedly had members present at the riot.

On Wednesday, the Associated Press published an analysis of how the insurrection and the subsequent arrests have impacted the extremist groups.

"More than three dozen members and associates across both the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers have been charged with crimes," the report claims. "Some local chapters cut ties with national leadership in the weeks after the deadly siege. The Proud Boys' chairman called for a pause in the rallies that often have led to clashes with anti-fascist activists. And one Oath Keeper has agreed to cooperate against others charged in the riot."

The report also revealed that the Oath Keepers had prepared a quick reaction force outside Washington DC, which was supposedly meant to provide them with weapons.

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Capitol riot suspect arrested after giant tattoo revealed on video - The Independent

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