Tattoo artist goes viral on TikTok with the story of a woman’s perfect revenge on her cheating boyfriend – TAG24 NEWS

This revenge plan worked out completely. A tattoo artist tells how he was there live when a relationship ended.

Dublin, Ireland - Revenge is sweet! A young lady from Dublin knew the payoff it was worth the wait when she took her cheating boyfriend to a tattoo parlor.

Instead of confronting him after finding out he cheated on her with her best friend, the Irish woman feigned ignorance until the absolutely perfect moment.

Tattoo artist Jamie Lo witnessed the whole scene and shared the very dramatic play-by-play on his TikTok account last week. In his video, Lo shared that the couple arrived at his parlor and asked to get each other's names tattooed - as a sign of their everlasting love.

With more than ten million views, Lo's video detailed what happened next. The woman said her boyfriend would be the first in the chair, and he excitedly went ahead, sharing that he was eager to have Lo give him a tattoo to celebrate the love of his life.

When it was his sweetheart's turn however, she sweetly replied that she would not in face be getting tattooed at all, confusing Lo and her boyfriend.

According to Lo, she said, "(...) I thought it would be nice to remind him permanently of this moment and of me for the rest of his life."

The act of revenge - and the way Jamie Lo re-told it on his TikTok account - was an absolute hit on the platform. The video collected 3.7 million likes within six days, plus a good 9500 comments.

Many were impressed by the Irishwoman's callousness and would probably have liked to take a leaf out of her book if the worst came to the worst, writing comments such as, "Well deserved!", "Such a power move, and "Will do the same if someone cheats on me."

Joining in the chorus, by the way, was the tattoo artist, who admitted in a sub-comment that he was proud of the woman.

And what about the boyfriend? According to Jamie Lo, the cheater immediately tried to win his girlfriend back. He ended up spending an hour in the bathroom of the tattoo parlor crying. Ouch!

The rest is here:

Tattoo artist goes viral on TikTok with the story of a woman's perfect revenge on her cheating boyfriend - TAG24 NEWS

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