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While vacationing in Florida two weeks ago, I decided to give Delightful Granddaughter a call.

Hi! What are you doing? I said cheerfully.

There was a short pause and then she said, Youre not going to like it Grandmaw.

Uh oh.

What? WHAT? I squawked.

She giggled.

Tell me! What did you do? I demanded.

Im getting a tattoo, she said.

When paramedics revived me, I couldnt believe it my sweet granddaughter getting her lovely skin marred by a tattoo.

Why? Why? I asked.

She didnt give me answer, only saying, When I walked in, I told [the tattoo artist] that Grandmaw isnt going to like this.

Are you there now? Getting it done right now? Iasked.

Yes, she said.

Putthat tattoo person on the phone! I said.

I heard my granddaughter not-so-softly whisper, She called you the tattoo person.

More giggling.

What is it anyway? What is the tattoo? I said.

She said, Something I drew.

She would not elaborate.

Where is it? Where on your body? I asked,hoping it was someplace that couldnt be seenwhen covered with proper clothing.

My thigh, she said.

Suddenly, I couldnt breathe.

When paramedics revived me again, I figured there was nothing more I could do while in Florida.

Well, I still love you despite not agreeing with this decision, I said. But dont get any more tattoos!

When I hung up, I immediately confronted Dear Daughter, who I know sees nothing wrong with tattoos.

Faithful readers may recall she was my granddaughters age when she got a tattoo (against my wishes) while away at college and out of my reach so I couldnt wring her neck. When she finally fessed up, she described it as a little fairy.

Let me tell you, that fairy had the wing span of a robin! Ugh!

When I told Dear Daughter about herspawns tattoo, she seemed unfazed.

Youre a tattoo-phobic, a malady affecting old people, she said. Everybody is getting tattoos.

It doesnt mean I have to like it, I said.

Whats the world coming to?

Upon return from vacation, staff writer Shelley Terry got the scoop onDelightful Granddaughters tattoo its a bat, no doubt designed to drive Terrybatty!

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Delightful Granddaughter: Grandmaw isn't going to like this - The Star Beacon

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