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Welcome to your skin check-in with Life & Styles resident health and beauty expert, Dr. Will Kirby, a celebrity dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway. Every week, hell be spilling his candid thoughts and professional advice on all things skin, beauty and wellness as it relates to you and your favorite stars.

The weather is hot, the beaches and pools are open again and everyone wants to look their best. Here are the top requested aesthetic procedures and treatments that people are clamoring for this summer!

Radiofrequency via brand new Thermage FLX is hands down one of the top requested procedures for summer, states aesthetic nurse Ashley Cox. Recently upgraded to be faster, less uncomfortable and more effective, the FLX treatment will tighten and smooth your face, neck or body with little to no down time, making it the perfect No. 1 to-do procedure this summer!

Hot girl summer with a not-so-hot tattoo? No chance, declares aesthetic sales professional Lacey McKelvy. Of all the good and bad decisions you might make this summer, getting that tattoo removed will be one of the better decisions. Rocking that fave bathing suit without any regrets is the desire of all my regretfully-inked patients. Start now and you too can be ink free by next summer!

Swimsuit season got here way faster than we thought, remarks aesthetic nurse practitioner Jenny Lopez. But CoolSculpting will make sure to target those stubborn areas of pinchable fat! Try this frequently requested, body-contouring treatment so unwanted fat doesnt make an appearance during your summer events!

Looking for the secret to flawless, glowing skin this summer? Ditch the Instagram filters and opt for a Fire & Ice Laser Facial! notes aesthetic nurse Shem Hooda. This non-invasive treatment combines cutting-edge laser and cryogenic technologies to stimulate collagen production and reduce pore size, resulting in a more even skin tone! Safe and effective for all skin types it will give you that beautiful, youthful glow everyone will be talking about!

Microneedling with product infusion is one of the best treatments to have done early in the summer to ensure you look your best all season, Cynosure National Field Marketing Manager Joshua Smith imparts. For many of us, summer 2021 will be spent with friends and family members that we havent seen in a while and we want to put our best face forward! Treatment with Potenza allows you to revitalize skin on the face and body while also delivering topical moisturizers or growth factors deep into the dermis. Many patients need as little as three sessions to see a beautiful result and all skin types can be treated so get started today and look great all summer long!

Botox Cosmetic is the most transformative skincare discovery for me personally, and I recommend it to literally everyone I know! contends LaserAway Vice President of Human Resources. Its minimally invasive with negligible discomfort, and makes such a difference in the elimination of fine (and not-so-fine) lines, as well as giving my eyebrows a nice subtle lift. Its probably the most commonly requested aesthetic treatment so get started on your Botox journey today and look refreshed this summer!!

As the weather starts to warm up no one wants to apply a face full of caked on makeup only to have to melt off in the heat or wash off in the pool! finds aesthetic nurse Linda Nguyen. The word is out and patients are requesting the recently upgraded Clear + Brilliant Touch! This laser will help you gain and maintain flawless smooth skin for summer. Safe for all skin types, very little downtime, it allows you to use bare minimum makeup and keeps you glowing for months!

One of the most requested procedures for hot girl summer is FlexSure! divulges dermatologist Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson. It uses heat in the form of a wrappable radiofrequency applicator to tighten up the skin on areas like the tummy, knees and arms so you can look and feel your best from the Jersey Shore all the way to St. Barts!

Patients are clamoring for lip filler to get perfect summer selfies! exclaims aesthetic physician associate Ashley Isabell. Lip injections are a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that can be done to enhance the lip size and shape. At LaserAway, natural appearing results are our goal! We want to enhance what you already have to give you a beautiful, natural-looking result.

Hands-down, rhinoplasty is consistently my number one most requested summertime facial procedure, notes plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Roostaeian. Students are off school, and its easier for people to take time off work. Its perfect timing for that fresh fall start!

One of the most effective ways to gain a youthful look this summer is with cheek filler! insists aesthetic nurse practitioner Emily Perbellini. It adds such a pop to your summer glow while reducing the amount of makeup you need for facial contouring. Add a sparkle of highlight on your beautiful cheekbones today and youll look as radiant as you feel all summer long!

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Skin Check-In with Dr. Will: The Top-Requested Aesthetic Procedures and Treatments for Summer 2021 - Life&Style Weekly

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