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While researching for this article, I made a disturbing discovery. People want to see really twisted stuff on reality TV. Really twisted. 'Leave them alone on an island with no food' twisted. That one was suggested by at least 10 people.

Anyway, I managed to find some of the saner ideas for reality TV that may actually make for good shows with some tweaking.

1. Or, you know how people get tattoos when they are drunk. Here, the tattoo artist would be (obviously sober enough to not hurt the person getting inked). Should be fun.

2. This tweet has a million likes. I am surprised Netflix hasn't taken it up already.

3. They had me at "winners keep the furniture". You would be surprised to know how many people would be totally into this.

4. This exact concept can only have one season, no? Interesting, nonetheless.

5. I like this one because it can throw light on underpaid jobs that people think are "easy".

6. Splitsvilla, but different. Couples actually split for some days, then they reunite and have to guess other couples. So much room for drama. I like.

And then, there were some on Quora as well.

7. I'd watch that. Maybe get some tips.


8. So, the idea is Masterchef, but realistic. It would be really cool to see the contestants fighting it out in their home kitchens, trying to get things done as they struggle with the lack of equipment, time and other stuff. A good one.


9. This is half-baked, but the theme itself is novel. If someone could work out a way to make it more interesting, I'd watch.

10. Yes and yes and yes. We need dating shows for queer people.

I see potential in these.

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The Internet Came Up With New Reality Show Ideas That Actually Sound Interesting - ScoopWhoop

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