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Tampa, FL June 24, 2021 A social media star with 200,000 followers who is a self-described tattoo addict with more than 72 richly colored tattoos covering his legs, arms, chest and neck, including ten tattoos on his face and skull wanted to undergo a massive transformation. The project would see him cover up every single tattoo across his entire body in only a few hours. Taking on the enormous challenge was the job of 24-year-old makeup artist, Raven Bourne, a Tampa-based woman of color who, up until the day of the transformation, had only ever covered up small tattoos.

While most makeup sessions take an average of one hour, the incredible transformation of Danny Stahl took more than four grueling hours, days of research, and required more than $400 worth of makeup.

The results of the project, which was unveiled this week, have captivated audiences with the video being viewed by hundreds of thousands. The clip has been shared by numerous high-profile social media accounts and was featured on the Snapchat homepage.

It was an extremely technical challenge, explains Bourne. The process was very time consuming. I started by prepping the skin to create a base, which was made all the more challenging because of beard stubble, some body hair and vellus hair. Once the base was perfect, I added primer, color corrector, foundation and concealer. In between all these layers, my assistant and I were setting everything with powders and setting sprays, even going so far as using a blow dryer on some areas. The volume of makeup that was needed to cover up a body full of tattoos meant that the skin looked monotone and a little cakey. I had to dip into my special effects makeup and add contouring along with pinks, blues, greens and violet hues to the skin and veins in order to make his skin look natural. It felt like I was painting a canvas at some points.

Most of Bournes clients go through a makeup session in order to enhance their natural beauty or to add a little fantasy to their Halloween celebrations. This project had much more impactful results. Stahl, whose mother was present for the big reveal, was not a fan of her sons face tattoos. After seeing the transformation, she changed her mind saying that the tattoos were part of who he was.

I dont recognize you. You look totally different. I miss your tattoos, theyre you, said Stahls mother.

For Stahl, the coverup was transformational. I didnt expect it to look this crazy and this realistic. I havent seen myself like this in so long. Im definitely going to be way more confident when I take the makeup off. Now I realize why I went that direction. Having no tattoos is just not me.

Bourne too found the project transformational.

This was the biggest project Ive ever undertaken. Since starting my career as a makeup artist six years ago, Ive struggled with having confidence in my skills. Seeing the results of my work was a huge confidence boost. I know I can create anything now. I finally believe what my clients have been telling me all these years.

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Viral video of full body tattoo transformation shows the power of a good makeup artist - Digital Journal

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