100+ Best Tattoo Designs and Symbols for Men & Women 2021

Tattoos a trend that we either love it or hate it! But, there is also a fair amount of population (including us), who hang on in the middle of the spectrum, having confused opinions about it. With all the millennials flaunting their unique tattoo designs on Instagram, we slowly get pulled into this bandwagon and get adventurous to try them out!

But, before you get inked, you need to understand that tattoos are not mere body arts! In the words of Johnny Depp (of Hollywood fame), our body is like a journal and the tattoos are stories written on it! Whether it is a simple name in an exotic script or a complex Asian art, you need to understand the significance of the design before permanently etching it on your skin.

To make matters easy for you, we have collected 100+ best tattoo designs and their meanings for men and women, along with detailed explanations of each. Are you ready to get inspired?

Before you end up with a silly design on your body, we recommend you take a look at these simple tattoo ideas. Remember that this tattoo is going to stay with you for at least a few years. So, its worth the time and effort to analyze the sketch carefully, before immortalizing it on your body. Let us help you understand how to read the hidden meanings of some popular tattoos and where are they best placed:


Do you believe in freedom and independence? Then use this tattoo as a symbolic representation of your inner thoughts. The bird flying out of a cage can mean an escape from physical or mental slavery. Whether it could be out of a bad relationship, job or even depression, the open cage symbolises that you finally found your way out!


Although it looks tiny, this delicate sapling turns into a mighty tree with time! It represents longevity, hope, prosperity and youthfulness. It is painted in a vertical way to indicate an upward growth in your life. If you are embarking on a new journey in your career or a relationship, this pretty green sprout is a great representation. Add a name or a goal to it to bring in the connection!


Flowers are the best tattoo designs ever! They look pretty and mostly, never fail to create impressions! This dainty floral design instantly draws our attention towards it. The blooming flower, with a little bud, represents youthfulness, love, hope and beauty. The duo can also represent the philosophical aspect of life and death. Adding a watercolour like inking brings a fragile effect to the sketch.

These simple tattoo designs are very different from others because these are traditional and a lot more modern too. Just like Sanskrit shlokas look very nice so do these Thai style tattoos. These simple tattoo designs are carried on the neck, shoulder and wrist as they give a traditional look with a message.


Lord Ganesha is one of the major Gods of the Hindu religion. He is the remover of obstacles and difficulties. Not only is he popular in India, but also worshipped by millions across the world. Many westerners prefer getting a Ganesha tattoo for its deep spiritual meaning. The face represents knowledge and wisdom, while the Omkara and the Trishul symbols represent auspiciousness and destruction of evil.


If you want to try a slightly bigger and prettier floral design, try this pink Peony. This beautiful flower represents love, romance, good luck and prosperity. As per a Green mythical tale, Peonia is a nymph who attracts the mighty Apollo and becomes shy when he approaches her. So, if you are a bashful woman who is afraid of unwanted attention, a Peony is the one for you!

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Mountains represent an unwavering spirit of strength and courage. They can also represent the great journey of human life. The high and low peaks of mountains indicate the ups and downs during this travel. If you notice at the bottom, an arrow connects the mountains, indicating the past, present and future of your life. The sun can be interpreted as either the starting or the ending of your lifetime (sunrise or sunset).


Are you a narcissist? Do you have an obsession with yourself? Then this cool meaningful tattoo reveals your inner feelings to the outer world! The pigeon which is a symbol of love carries a message which has ME. So, before anyone starts making guesses on who the lucky person is, you tell it out loud and clear! Remember- if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anyone else!


This tattoo can be interpreted in two ways You love to travel or you want to conquer the world! Either way, you are leaving a footprint on this planet and revealing your inner desires through this design. It also shows that you are a person of acceptance and have a willingness to learn from people you meet. Not to forget mentioning the adventure part of the journey!


If you have a spiritual soul, then this Mandala design is a great choice. The not-so-complicated design represents the never-ending circle of life. The outer circle represents your union with the cosmos, while the inner ring shows our position within it. This beautiful shoulder tattoo also represents our connection with the past, present and future!


Anchor tattoos are timeless designs, which were originally done by the Sailors. They are associated with strength, stability and peace. Adding a compass to this indicates that you are seeking direction in your life. It can also represent your passion for travelling or seeking adventure in life. Nautical tattoos also show your respect and admiration for the Naval base, who protect and secure us from external threats.


Memorial tattoos are inked to remember or honour your loved ones. You can fill the tattoo with important information like birthday dates, deaths etc., In this design, you can notice a delicate wreath around the numbers to indicate the lifetime of your favourite person. It could either be of your daughter, son, father, mother or even your partner.


Capture the power of words on your body and get inspired by them every day! This Quotation tattoo reflects your positive attitude and unwavering never-to-die spirit. The phrase Never Stop Dreaming can motivate you and stay focused. Especially when you are down and need some push, quote tattoos can give you the much-needed encouragement.


If you are looking for a small meaningful tattoo, try this beautiful crescent moon design. The delicately done design represents feminity and creativity that is hidden inside you. The colors reflect your emotions and those cute little charms symbolize good luck and success in all your endeavours. You can also mix with other elements like hearts or your own good luck charms.


Flowers have a number of meanings associated with them, which changes with the type of colors used, the design and also the placement area. In this cute meaningful tattoo, the falling flowers symbolize letting go of the past. They remind us gently to let go of the bygones and enjoy the present times. The loose petals can also give you a subtle hint on how beautiful your future can be.


Mickey Mouse is the iconic character of Walt Disney Motion Pictures! Although a mere mouse, it represents the true spirit of the company, which includes happiness, fun and dreaming big. If you are a youngster ready to explore the world all by yourself, this easy tattoo design makes perfect sense. Adding a splash of colors in the background reveals your enthusiasm and positive attitude towards life!


What happens when the tribal designs meet the traditional south Indian Kolams? You get this amazing design which can instantly draw your attention. The entire arms are covered with a combination of the dot and lines Rangoli, interspersed with tribal symbols. It can mean your mixed ethnicity and love for the basics.

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A Scorpion has plenty of symbolism associated with it. It can represent danger, strength and resilience. A scorpion motif with a raised tail can serve as a warning to your enemies. It can indicate your readiness to attack them if they mess with you. Since a black scorpion is the most venomous creatures on the earth, people will definitely remain at a safe distance from you!


In Asian countries, Calligraphy is considered to be the finest forms of art. The artistic strokes with a brush look very fascinating and intriguing. Even a common name can look very exotic when written in Chinese or Japanese fonts. This tattoo is one such example, in which the symbols convey a variety of meanings, emotions and ideas. Before you get it inked, make sure the design translates to the concept in your mind and not mere gibberish!


Wild animals like Tigers and Lions have always been the best muses for a tattoo artist. It is only in recent times that Leopards are equally recognised for this artform. Just those two big cats, a leopard also represents power, confidence, leadership and fitness. Along with that, it also represents swiftness and even feminity and gracefulness!

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Had to a sell a car or bike that you loved immensely? Do you love a particular brand of vehicles? Then, canonise your feelings for it with this logo tattoo. Adding olive leaves around them convey your admiration and passion towards it. These tattoos are usually preferred by bikers, racers or riding enthusiasts!


Traditionally, a thunderbolt represents energy, knowledge, power and getting new ideas. It can also indicate the destruction of ignorance and the quick spark of intelligence. If you are seeking for a groundbreaking idea that can change the world around you, this tattoo is a perfect way to inspire yourself every day. Getting it at the back of your ear reflects your creativity and unique personality.


A blooming flower has many symbolic meanings. It can indicate the beginning of a new phase in your life, whether personal or professional. Usually, people get it done in the initial phases of their new-found love life. The flowers, growing amidst a bunch of leaves may represent the support received from your family and friends to you and your partner.


A feather may appear like a fragile object, but its lofty symbolism is sure to leave you impressed! It represents a spiritual connection between the creator and owner, which is the God and the bird. Along with that, a feather can also portray the qualities of independence, free-will and a wandering mind. Adding a watercolour-like effect to it elevates the feelings of positivity, hope and confidence.


Dolphins are one of the most lovable and intelligence species on earth. They are free-spirited creatures, which live in harmony with their peers. In countries like Polynesia and South Africa, Dolphin tattoos are done using tribal symbols to represent their culture and strong family bonds. These designs also show their association with Nature, particularly the Oceans.


There can be no better therapy to heal a wounded heart than with Music. A soulful rendition can instantly uplift your spirits and fill you with positive vibes. So, why not try a music motif for everyday motivation? In this design, the treble symbol is surrounded by a line of musical notation to represent the tune being played!

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If you are a firm believer in the power of God and his doings, then go for this tattoo. It has a simple Blessed word inked on the top of the shoulder, meaning you are blessed to be under his presence and guidance. The Holy Rosary with a cross pendant indicates your spiritual and religious orientation. You can change the symbol depending on your own beliefs.


The arrow has a lot of symbolic prominence in many cultures. It conveys many meanings such as a sense of direction, aiming for a goal or as a symbol of protection. Depending on the way it is depicted, the meanings change a lot. This tribal-inspired arrow design can convey a mix of different concepts like defending your pack, friendship and warding off an evil eye.


Among the innumerable Mandala designs for a tattoo, the Lotus Mandala holds a special significance. As it is a symbol of purity, having it on your body is known to fill your mind with pure thoughts. Also, it is believed that gazing at a Lotus Mandala can promote healthy mental growth and also improve your physical well-being.


A Cowgirl represents the power of women! She is strong, valiant and no lesser than a man. Armed with a knife, a revolver and a pistol in her hand, the lady looks very confident. She might look cute in her mini skirt, hat and high heeled boots, but mess with her and she will show you whos the boss! If you are a woman of such traits, then go for this design and give everyone a subtle warning!


The Scared Bodhi Vruksha is one of the simple meaningful tattoo symbols to try on your body As per Buddism, Gautama Buddha, it is under this very tree that he gained enlightenment. Since then, it has become the central symbol of the Buddhist principles and also a symbol of peace, hope and awakening of the inner consciousness. If you are on the path to this state, this design can be a fair idea!

The Sun represents fertility, strength, passion, courage and eternally renewed youth, light and knowledge. The Sun is also symbolised as royal and divine powers adopted by both secular and religious authorities.

It also reflects the Suns philosophical symbolic nature in most cultures around the world.

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Similar to the Sun, the Moon also reflects philosophical symbolic nature in most of the cultures. And It represents eternity, purity and divine powers which are adopted by many religious authorities.

Celtic tattoo designs are primarily a complex genre of interwoven lines which represents Mother-daughter Celtic tattoo. Such knot designs were used as decorative on the surface since there roots are very culturally significant and profoundly symbolises.

Kanji tattoo designs are ideal for expressing a deep feeling with such an attractive symbol. This tattoo style is becoming popular mostly among the westerners who believe that kanji designs identify them with an eastern philosophy based on geisha and cherry blossoms.

This kind of simple tattoo lettering fonts designs always symbolise peace, justice, harmony, power, strength, love, passion etc. They are now also trendy not only in China and Japan but worldwide.

Heart tattoo designs are always famous in all over the world.

These types of tattoo designs are generally taken to show affection, love and care for their dear ones that accompanied them and acts a constant reminder of the reason what they are living and fighting for.

The crown symbolises an individuals sovereignty over their existence, belief, judgment and performance. Though the crown is a reminder to use power and authority wisely and justly, it doesnt allow the right to command another person.

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As we know warriors use swords during wars. A sword symbol signifies courage and a warriors dignity and pride which prepare a person to face every situation and the problem with courage.

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Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox, lettering tattoos are now one of the top tattoo designs which are preferred mainly by the women.

Since girls tend to pick up quotes which will boost their confidence so the meaning of such text tattoos can be of religious matter or nature-inspired. For such tattoo designs, select a text wisely and try to make it short.

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Chinese symbols are complex, and it is the reason that they are called as logograms which are not letters or just cool-looking patterns but symbols which represents a specific word or an object.

These logograms can be used in individual (like Strength, Courage, Faith) or combined into cool tattoo forms that have some meaning or even resides a story.

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Many people often love to share their likes by having tattoos on their bodies. Mostly girls and women exhibit their feeling toward these types of fish tattoo designs.

People who love marine life or love the fish kingdom, they dont shy away to show their affection for such creatures.

Lotus flower describes a sign of peace and harmony. Here the beautiful lotus tattoo designs painted on the shoulder which is very alluring also.

It is generally used in Buddhists symbols which also represent pure love. This type of great tattoos mostly preferred on hands and display parts of the body.

Cherry blossoms designs are considered to be beautiful and extremely feminine. Since this design is big and the most popular places are back, ribs, wrists and ankles. This design looks good in colour rather than in black and grey.

In Japanese culture, cherry blossom symbolises life, while in Chinese it represents the feminine principals, love, beauty and sexuality.

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Like orchid flowers are beautiful and rare species of flower, many girls select these designs to describe themselves as being rare and beautifully unique.

These orchid flower designs look more beautiful when they are done in colours.

No matter if bird tattoos carry any significant meaning for you or you simply like the way they look. Still, a bird tattoo will surely look lovely on you. We will give below some of the bird tattoo designs along with images and meanings.

Feather tattoos are another design which is popular with girls. Different feathers symbolise different meanings. Such as a crow feather symbolises death in many mythologies, while a dove feather carries peace and serenity.

The most common feather design is of peacock feather since its beautiful, colourful and also meaningful.

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100+ Best Tattoo Designs and Symbols for Men & Women 2021

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