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Many celebrities have gone under the ink gun, only to have major regrets about their tattoos later. Sometimes a tattoo removal is to erase the name of an ex, while others have done it to help boost their career opportunities without having to spend hours in the makeup chair having their ink covered up. These stars have undergone the painful and lengthy laser tattoo removal process.

Pete Davidson has become the poster child for getting rid of his ink. Hes gone on a huge undertaking to eliminate the more than 100 tattoos hes amassed on his arms, torso and back, a process that hes estimated will take at least two years.

I honestly never thought that I would get an opportunity to act, and I love it a lot, the Saturday Night Live cast member revealed on Late Night With Seth Meyers in May 2021. He explained that with more and more movie offers rolling in, he would have to appear on set three hours early for the makeup department to hide all of his tattoos.

Burning them off is worse than getting them, because not only are they burning off your skin, but youre wearing these big goggles, right? So you cant see anything, and the doctors in there with you, Pete explained.

Before he goes to laser each tattoo, you have to hear him announce what the tattoo is to make sure you want to keep it or not. So Ill just be sitting there all high off the Pro-Nox [nitrous oxide], which I actually quite enjoy and then, all of a sudden, Ill just hear, Are you keeping the Stewie Griffin smoking a blunt?' Pete joked. He then gave some crucial advice: If youre going to get tattoos, just make sure you really, really want it and arent on mushrooms.

Other celebrities have undergone laser tattoo removal to eliminate former loves from their skin. Angelina Jolie wed fellow actor Billy Bob Thornton in 2000 and shortly thereafter got his name inked on her left bicep in thick calligraphy font, along with a Chinese dragon. After their 2003 split, Angie had the tattoo lasered off. Shes since covered up that spot on her arm with ink featuring the geographical coordinates of her six childrens birthplaces.

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Celebrities Who Have Had Tattoos Removed: Stars Who Have Undergone the Painful Laser Process - Life&Style Weekly

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