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Along with the growing market value of laser tattoo removal, the technology could very well become the new normal for effective treatment.

July 06, 2021 Doff & Flux is a laser tattoo removal clinic based in Melbourne CBD that advocates the power of laser technology.

After working with numerous clients with their tattoo removal needs, they say many find laser tattoo removal less painful and discomforting than other methods; This is what they believe would leave a much greater impact on the industry.

The clinic suggests that as per latest reports the expected market size of laser tattoo removal is said to cross $3.04 million by the year 2026.

The laser technology has revolutionized tattoo removal to a great extent, says Paul who works as the senior tattoo practitioner at Doff & Flux. While there are different ways to remove tattoos such as dermabrasion, tattoo removal creams, and surgery, laser tattoo removal in Melbourne is by far more effective and less painful, he says.

Moreover, the growing prevalence of regret behind the tattoo and getting it removed could skyrocket the demand for cost-effective tattoo removal technologies such as lasers. Something Doff & Flux also thinks would boost the market.

It is estimated that about 22% of Australians regret getting a tattoo done.

The process of laser tattoo removal involves using powerful laser beams to break up pigment colors off the skin into fine particles that can be cleared away naturally by the body. In just under 5 to 8 sessions, the tattoo ink can be removed using lasers with minimal discomfort.

Advanced lasers such as the Q-switched Nd: YAG, Ruby, and Alexandrite Lasers are far more effective at removing different color pigments, better than contemporary tattoo removal creams. Even though the lasers are painful they can remove hardest inks in less time.

A study also suggests that as many as 47% of tattoos need about 10 sessions to permanently get them off the skin using the Q-switch laser technology while 26% could require more than 15.

Doff & Flux recommends consulting a dermatologist before getting a laser or any type of tattoo removal treatment. More information can be found

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Doff & Flux On the Efficacy of Laser Tattoo Removal and Industry Impact - Digital Journal

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