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A Gordon Ramsay super fan was overjoyed after the TV chef reacted to her very special tattoo.

Sarah Beal, 23, has the fiery Scotsman's face inked on her right bicep.

She got this because she looks up to the 53-year-old, and posted a video about it on social media.

The huge tattoo features Gordon screaming in frustration while wearing his iconic short sleeve white chef's jacket.

It took 20 hours to ink, and Sarah got a huge shock when the Hell's Kitchen star reacted to it in a video on TikTok.

The tattoo artist added details such as Ramsay's perfect white teeth, highlighted hair and even face wrinkles to make the tattoo as realistic as possible.

Tattooed chef Sarah, from Chicago, Illinois, spent 500 getting the Ramsay tribute piece in 2018.

She was delighted last week when the foul-mouthed star re-shared one of her videos reacting to seeing the black and white tattoo.

Ramsay shared a video on TikTok looking taken aback as Sarah revealed her tattoo in a clip.

Sarah can be heard saying: I dont know if you are ever going to see this or respond to this.

To which the celeb chef replies: I will.

She then reveals her giant tattoo of the chef to which he says: What the f***.

The clip has already been viewed six million times on the video streaming service.

And thousands of viewers have commented on the post, impressed by Sarah's dedication.

@amers.mc said: Thats a really painful spot to get done as well. She is a legend."

@thesechlossaintloyal1 said: Does he like it? I'm confused?

@thatdudecancook said: The forehead needs another wrinkle otherwise its a great work of art.

@juliemae_s said: "The tattoo is amazing and I can't believe he responded. That's so cool."

And @kaiibuu added: "Anyone would react the same if they saw their face on someone else's arm."

Speaking today, Sarah said: I've always looked up to Gordon Ramsay, he's my idol, he's the reason I got interested in cooking along with my step dad who recently passed away.

I love his drive and how he keeps wanting to learn about cooking even as successful as he is.

I got this tattoo in September 2018, I never thought he'd reply to me.

After losing my step dad this past year it was nice having Gordon acknowledge my tattoo.

"I almost cried."

This isn't the first time a super fan has had Ramsay's face tattooed on their body.

In 2019, tattoo artist Farren Almedia, 23, was shocked after the TV chef he loves to bits liked a photo of a free tattoo he did for a lucky Ramsay fan.

Around 50 people applied to get the tattoo which featured a distorted Ramsay staring ahead while Hell's Kitchen style devil's pitchfork has been added onto his cheek.

The winner of the competition had the tattoo inked on his leg.

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Gordon Ramsay reacts to super fan who got his face tattooed on her arm in hilarious viral video - Scottish Daily Record

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