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Did you ever love something so much that you wanted it permanently inked on your body? That's what these spooky holiday lovers did when they got Halloween tattoos. For these 23 people, Halloween is much more than a one-day event at the end of October. To them, it's something worth looking at, talking about, and enjoying 365 days per year. Fortunately for them, there are also a ton of tattoo artists who a love a year-round Halloween aesthetic, and they were more than happy to oblige their clients with these tattoos. In fact, spooky tats are so popular, many tattoo shops run specials on any month with a Friday the 13th. On that day, you can usually get a somewhat cheaper small tattoo of some kind of Halloween-esque object like a cat or a pumpkin.

From regular Jack o' Lanterns and roller skating skeletons to creepy spiders and pumpkin spice lattes, here are 23 of the most epic year-round Halloween tattoos. You can simply enjoy looking through the gallery or use them as inspiration for your own Halloween-themed tattoo. And be sure to check out the individual artists' Instagram pages to see their other work and possibly even book them if you happen to live nearby. Clearly their art is pretty great.

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1Ouija Planchette

"Love the art and idea of a ouija planchette more than the idea of actually using a ouija board," tattoo artist Rhi joked in the caption of this photo. It's a beautiful piece of work.

2Halloween TV

If watching scary Halloween movies is one of your favorite pastimes, you could get this symbolic tattoo homage to that hobby.

3"Witch Please"

Minimalist tattoo artist Shelby Lynn Bayles said that Halloween is her favorite holiday, making this tattoo extra fun for her to complete.

4Spooky Flowers

This Halloween bouquet features pumpkin flowers, skulls on stems, and even a tiny ghost, cobwebs, and candy corn. It's the perfect balance of spooky and cute.

5Witch's Hat

Artist Valarie Valentina inked this cute, purple witch's hat surrounded by orange flowers. You can see more of her work on her Instagram.

6Pumpkin Spice Latte

Is it even fall without the PSL? With this tattoo, you can enjoy the beverage all year longeven when it's sadly out of season.

7Creepy Crawly

This spider looks so lifelike, it seems like it could crawl right off this person's skin. Scary, but stellar artwork.

8Disney Halloween

Halloween at the Disney parks is a whole thing. Not only are the lands all decked out in decorations, but the Disneyland Haunted Mansion ride gets a complete Nightmare Before Christmas-themed overhaul. With this orange Mickey ears scene, tattoo artist Kristin Parlier totally nailed the holiday's Disney vibe.

9Romantic Frankenstein

"Every day is like Halloween to me," Tiffany Lother wrote when posting a photo of her Bride of Frankenstein tattoo.

Lother added, "I shop Halloween decor and use it as every day home decor, and Ive been in love with classic horror since I was a kid. This tattoo, and my love for Universals classic monster movies, inspired me to get a Halloween/Monster inspired sleeve a few years ago. Its still a work in progress, but I love this epic tattoo."

10Black Cat

Amanda LaForest specializes in colorful retro designs, and this vintage black and orange cat is the perfect Halloween tattoo. No bad luck here!

11Skating Skeleton

Another of LaForest's designs is this roller skating skeleton wearing a crop top and fanny pack. Halloween can be spooky and scary, but it can also have a sense of humoras seen in this tattoo.

12Simple Skeleton

If a roller skating skeleton isn't quite your vibe, you can always get inked with a simple skeleton like this one.

13Spell Book

For all you Hocus Pocus fans out there, here's a tattoo rendition of the iconic spell book from the film.

14"I Put A Spell On You"

Speaking of Hocus Pocus, there's also this tattoo which borrows from the Valentine's Day heart candy tradition. But in a Halloween twist, the candies feature lyrics from the Bette Midler Hocus Pocus song.

15Spooky Sushi

This is such a unique tattoo idea bats eating pumpkin sushi. If you're a fan of both the holiday and the food, it's hard to go wrong with a design that incorporates both.

16Skeleton Bat

This spooky little bat by Jodie Cox is actually pretty darn cute. It looks like it's just going through an X-ray machine.

17Halloween Heart

It's always fun to see classic Halloween items like pumpkins and ghosts merged with things that are beautiful and delicate like flowers and hearts. A great balance.

18Sheet Ghost

The sheet ghost is perhaps one of the most iconic Halloween images around next to pumpkins. It also makes for one of the easiest costumes if you're running low on time.

19Halloween Town Sign

Nightmare Before Christmas fans, this one's for you! This tattoo totally captures the spooky vibe of Jack Skellington's home.

20Black Cat on a Broomstick

"A [witch's] best friend," tattoo artist Lea Joyeux captioned this photo. This cat is so cute, anyone would want it as their best friend.

21Stylish 'Scream'

This is another one of those designs that combines the scary with the pretty. At the center is Ghostfacethe killer from the Scream franchisesurrounded by beautiful orange flowers. Stunning.

22Bubbling Cauldron

Wonder what's brewing in this cauldron tattoo... are those neon green ghost faces escaping from the bubbles? Something wicked this way comes, indeed.

23Simple Pumpkin

You really can't go wrong showing your love for Halloween with a simple Jack-o'-Lantern tattoo. This one image totally encapsulates the holiday.

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