This Woman Covered Her Face and Body Tattoos to See if Her Family Would Recognize Her –

Michelle DiDonato, a 34-year-old tattoo artist from Boca Raton, Florida, has over 90 percent of her body covered in tattoosincluding her eyeballs, which are bright pink. And the way she sees it, that's a pretty accurate reflection of the way she lives her life: "I would describe myself as not only a tattoo addict, but just an addict for everything that I like," she says. "Every single thing that I like, I just completely overdo it."

In a recent episode of Truly's YouTube series Transformed, Michelle agrees to have all of her face and body tattoos covered in makeup, so she and her family can see what she would look like without all of the ink and body modifications. "The last time I saw myself with no tattoos was probably around 10 years ago," says Michelle. "It's hard for me to see myself the way other people see me, because I see myself every day."

The first step is for Michelle to remove her numerous piercings. Then, makeup artist Jill uses an airbrushing machine to apply an even layer of makeup over Michelle's body, masking all of the tattoos, before finally adding some finishing touches which help to match the makeup to her natural skin tone.

"That is so weird," she says, after seeing herself in the mirror. "Wow. I definitely miss my tattoos. But I like it though... It's like I went back in time." She jokingly adds: "I think I look fatter... It's like I'm older and younger at the same time."

She then invites her sister Nicole, husband Chris, daughter Mercy and nephew Braden to her tattoo studio to see the "new" her, and the verdict is pretty unanimous: they would all rather see her with the tattoos.

"I'm surprised that they like the tattoos better," she says. "It made me feel really good, like, loved. I love my family. This experience has made me understand that I don't need my tattoos to make me feel better. Appearances don't matter, it's who you are on the inside, and it doesn't matter what people think of you."

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This Woman Covered Her Face and Body Tattoos to See if Her Family Would Recognize Her -

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