Jake Paul calls out Tyron Woodleys tattoo loophole and wont commit to boxing rematch – Dexerto

American YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul has called out ex-MMA fighter Tyron Woodley over a tattoo loophole ahead of the pairs potential rematch.

Jake Pauls August 29 boxing match with Tyron Woodley was the latest in a long line of YouTube fights, traceable all the way back to KSI and Joe Wellers original 2018 bout.

The American YouTuber came out on top via split decision in a tight encounter, with Woodley now pushing for a rematch. Paul, though, called out the ex-MMA star over his failure to get a tattoo the two had wagered on the first fight.

Woodley subsequently obliged and shared the images on Twitter. However, something seems amiss to Jake.

The YouTuber is seemingly not buying Woodleys concession, revealing in a TalkSport interview why he wont commit to a rematch just yet.

Lets see what happens. He was like three or four weeks late on the tattoo, he let the hype die down, the 24-year-old said. I think he had a call with his accountants and he saw how much taxes he had to pay and he was like oh, man, I need to get this tattoo right now.'

There were also doubts about the tattoo itself, with Paul suggesting Woodley may change it should he get his rematch.

The weird thing about it, Paul continued, is the tattoo is on his middle finger and its done in a way where he can change it to say f*** Jake Paul. He did it so the I looks like an F or could be changed to that, so I think personally hes going to change it to say f*** Jake Paul on his middle finger Hes trying to find loopholes and be slick but hes not as smart as he thinks he is.

A rematch between the two looks to be getting further away, rather than approaching imminently.

Theres no shortage of fighters wanting to get into a ring with Jake Paul though, with boxing legend Tyson Furys younger brother Tommy among those wanting to settle his differences with Jake.

Boxing icon Saul Canelo Alvarez hasnt ruled out a fight yet either, but he wants to see Jake improve somewhat first.

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Jake Paul calls out Tyron Woodleys tattoo loophole and wont commit to boxing rematch - Dexerto

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