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Before the actress, musician, and artist Jihae joined Succession in its third season to play Kendall Roys beleaguered communications guru Berry Schneider, she hadnt seen more than a few episodes of the hit HBO series. I didnt become hooked on the show until I was doing my research after I got the part, she explains. I binged the first two seasons and was like, whoa, this is modern Shakespeare; theres tragedy, theres comedy, theres humanity behind all the cruel intentions!

Those same qualitiesexcept perhaps for the tragedyare on display behind the scenes as well. Here, Jihae opens her personal camera roll to T&C to share a behind-the-scenes look at Succession's sets and glamorous premiere, and the moments that didnt make it on screen.

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"This is from episode three of the new season. It was a reshoot after something didnt work the first time. Here we are in front of the New York Public Library, and for me this was my goodbye to everyone, so it was lovely to see them all again before I wrapped for the season."


"The New York Public Library reminds me of Paris or Budapest. I had to capture the oddity of wearing a bathrobe on the red carpet."


"Nurija Sitja was one of my favorite people on set. Shes the head of the makeup department and exudes a calm and kindred spirit, the exact vibe every actor needs."


"Nicholas Braun is not only a fan favorite, but also a crew fave as he really takes care of themand they deserve it as they work the hardest and longest hours without breaks. This was taken after he brought baked bread for the ladies in hair and makeupand me asking, 'Dude, wheres mine?'"


"Nicholas and I have a friend in common, so wed taken a selfie to send to them. And then Jeremy and Annabelle Dexter-Jones were on the other side of the stairs, so I took a picture of them. In between waiting for camera or light changes, we would sit around telling stories; I think that night I told them all about the time I got a tattoo in Brighton, England, and everyone else also shared their crazy tales."


"The style wizard Jean Yang virtually styled me for our premiere from L.A. with Dolly Pratt on site. We went crazy for these boots but in the end went with the classic YSL suit."


"The last time I really went out was right before Covid was at the end of February 2020, so this was the first moment since then that I got glammed up. The hands you see are of the makeup artist Andrew Colvin and hair stylist Rebekah Calo, who both also worked on my new music video."


"The writer and producer Susan Soon He Stanton is someone who, I found out in the middle of filming, is half Korean American and that we have a mutual friend in common and had met years before. It was such an insane time for everyone, and especially for those of us of Asian descent suddenly having to be in fear for our parents lives and be cautious about being attacked. So, having someone who could relate to that experience working on the same project was nice. The production achieved nothing short of a miracle considering the tough circumstances to shoot. To be able to hug everyone was heartwarming and fun to meet cast members I didnt see on set like Arian Moayed."


"Right before this moment, Brian Cox's wife Nicole Ansari and I were hugging because the three of usNicole, Brian, and Ihad all been part of a benefit for the Pushcart Prize that was held at Guild Hall in the Hamptons a few years ago. It was the three of us and a group of other performers and we all read real life love letters to one another. We spent that weekend together and really bonding, so it was nice to see each other after all of that time. Brian and I were just catching up, and Jeremy popped upI hadnt seen him all night, and it was a great reunion."

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